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    Bevel chamfering machine

    Bevel chamfering machine

    Mechanical parameters

    Technical parameters of beveling machine
    Maximum groove width: 12mm
    Thickness of cutting material: 6-30mm
    Speed: 2.5 m/min
    Voltage: 380 v
    Weight: 155 kg
    The realization of double groove without turning over work parts

    Mechanical video

    Equipment details

    Beveling machine is a kind of machine used for pipe bevel processing, which is divided into two categories: bevel beveling machine from the end face, cutting off and beveling machine from the middle of the pipe. Classification: according to the performance of the main temperature cutting, with physical cutting
    Application fields of beveling machine:
    1. Pipe can be processed into internal and external groove of various angles and shapes.
    2, can be used for processing materials of pipes, high alloy steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, carbon steel, like oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, etc., can make the material to obtain the highest precision pipe end processing results.