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    Portable beveling machine

    Portable beveling machine

    Mechanical parameters

    Technical parameters of beveling machine
    Maximum groove width: 12mm
    Thickness of cutting material: 6-30mm
    Speed: 2.5 m/min
    Voltage: 380 v
    Weight: 155 kg
    The realization of double groove without turning over work parts

    Mechanical video

    Equipment details

    Automatic portable bevel cutting machine improves the high cost of flame cutting and polishing machine, high noise, irregular viewpoint, rough bevel surface and other defects, and greatly reduces the energy consumption and labor cost of flame cutting. Automatic rolling groove machine efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, power is strong, stable running, cold cutting groove surface without carbon slag oxidation layer, compact design, technology make it possible for the quality of the machine continuously updated, easy operation, without being limited by the size of the board of venue and, large torque with low speed high load work, metallographic constant thermal deformation.
    Portable beveling machine has automatic centering device
    (1) the basic functions of the automatic centering device: the automatic centering device has two basic functions: first, the center positioning in the pipe when the groove is processed by the groove machine on the pipe end; Secondly, to ensure the positioning accuracy of the beveling machine in cutting, that is, to ensure the processing of the end face of the groove and the vertical axis of the pipeline.
    (2) structure of automatic centering device: the automatic centering device is composed of tightening oil cylinder, tightening flower plate, transmission connecting rod, tightening push rod, tightening base plate and tightening block. The cylinder pushes the piston rod to drive the push rod action, and the push block realizes automatic positioning.