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    Elbow chamfering machine

    Elbow chamfering machine

    Mechanical parameters

    Technical parameters of beveling machine
    Maximum groove width: 12mm
    Thickness of cutting material: 6-30mm
    Speed: 2.5 m/min
    Voltage: 380 v
    Weight: 155 kg
    The realization of double groove without turning over work parts

    Mechanical video

    Equipment details

    Elbow chamfering machine
    1. Beveling machine or elbow chamfering machine is a professional machine that bevels the workpiece before welding in order to ensure the quality of welding in the welding process. Steel plate beveling machine and plate beveling machine are mainly used for beveling the plate.
    The structure of elbow chamfering machine: pipe end beveling machine main components are: guide wheel; Centering device; Eccentric; Rest; Lifting point; Control mechanism; Feeding mechanism; Support; Transmission mechanism; Rotating disc mechanism mandrel; Lubrication points.
    How to use elbow chamfering machine safely
    1. Wear safety clothing and protective equipment; Be sure to check your clothing before work. Work clothes to fit and comfortable, wear long sleeve work clothes; Sandals, high heels, loose LACES and flat soles are dangerous; Please wear safety helmet when working. Please wear protective glasses when working. Please wear leather gloves.