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    1. Divided by Manufacture Method
    Die stamped elbow, forged elbow, hot formed elbow, cold formed elbow, etc.

    2. Divided by Material
    Carbon steel elbow, cast steel elbow, alloy steel elbow, stainless steel elbow, copper elbow, aluminum alloy elbow, plastic elbow, etc.

    3. Divided by Manufacturing Standard
    American standard elbow, Chinese standard elbow, German standard elbow, Japanese standard elbow, Russian standard elbow, etc.

    4. Divided by Radius of Curvature
    Long radius elbow, short radius elbow

    5. Divided by Shape
    Grooved elbow, flanged elbow, reducing elbow, male threaded elbow, female threaded elbow, etc.

    6. Divided by Pressure Rating
    About 17 kinds, in line with American pipe standards