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    What kind of machine is the medium frequency pipe bender?


    Medium frequency pipe bending machine is a kind of machine equipment for processing metal pipes, it adopts the principle of medium frequency induction heating, by heating metal pipes, softening and changing its shape, to achieve the purpose of bending processing.

    Medium frequency pipe bending machine usually consists of the following main parts: host, feed system, pipe bending system, control system and system.

    The main machine is the core part of the medium frequency pipe bending machine, which is composed of induction heating device, pipe bending device and transmission device. The induction heating device uses medium frequency induction heating technology to convert electrical energy into heating metal pipes through high-frequency electromagnetic induction. The pipe bending device is mainly composed of a pipe bending mold and a hydraulic system, which bends the heated metal pipe into the desired shape through liquid pressure. The drive is responsible for controlling the movement of the bending head to ensure the accuracy and stability of the bending process.

    The feeding system is used to feed the metal pipe into the main machine for processing. It usually includes a feed rack, a feed roller and a feed motor. The feed rack is used to place the original metal pipe in the appropriate position, and the feed roller is used to push the metal pipe into the main machine. The feeding motor provides power and controls the feed speed of the metal pipe.

    The control system is the brain of the medium frequency pipe bender, responsible for monitoring and controlling the entire processing process. It usually consists of a PLC (programmable logic controller) and a touch screen. PLC is a programmable electronic controller that can control the operation of the machine according to a preset program. The touch screen provides an intuitive interface for the operator to set machining parameters and monitor the machining process.

    The system includes cooling system and lubrication system. The cooling system is used to cool the induction heating device and the bending mold to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life. The sliding system is used to lubricate the elbow and transmission, reducing friction and wear.

    The medium frequency pipe bender works like this: First, the staff places the metal pipe on the feed rack and pushes it into the main machine. The induction heating unit then starts adding metal tubing to soften it. Once the metal tubing reaches the proper temperature, the hydraulic system begins to operate, bending the metal tubing into the desired shape. Finally, after the bending is complete, the staff will take out the finished product.

    Medium frequency pipe bender has many advantages. First, it is able to heat specific parts of the metal pipe, causing the metal at the bend to soften, while the rest of the hardness remains the same. This local heating method can improve the accuracy and quality of bending. Secondly, the heating speed of the medium frequency pipe bender is fast, and the bending process can be completed in a short time to improve production efficiency. In addition, the medium frequency pipe bending machine also has the characteristics of simple operation, wide processing range and stable quality of finished products.

    In general, medium frequency pipe bending machine is an efficient and accurate metal pipe processing equipment, widely used in aerospace, automotive, construction, power and other industries. With the continuous development of industrial technology, the performance and function of medium frequency pipe bending machine are also constantly improving, providing strong support for the production of all walks of life.

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