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    The installation process of medium frequency pipe bender is


    Medium frequency pipe bending machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for metal processing, mainly used for bending metal pipes. Below I will introduce the installation process of the medium frequency pipe bender in detail to ensure the normal operation and stable operation of the equipment.

    1. Prepare

    Before installing a medium frequency pipe bender, some preparatory work is required. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the installation location and space requirements of the equipment, and ensure that the location can meet the operation and maintenance needs of the machine. Secondly, it is necessary to check the integrity of equipment and accessories to ensure that all parts are complete and not damaged. Finally, it is necessary to prepare the required tools and equipment, such as cranes, wrenches, electric drills, etc.

    2. Install the base

    First, according to the size and weight of the equipment, the appropriate location to build the base. Make sure the base is flat and secure, and use bolts to secure it to the ground. When installing a base, ensure that the base is level and vertical to ensure normal running of the device.

    3. Install hosts

    Place the host of the medium frequency pipe bender on the base and ensure that the host is tightly connected to the base. Secure the main engine to the base using bolts to ensure that the main engine is stable and does not shake.

    4. Install the hydraulic system

    Install the various components and pipes of the hydraulic system and connect them to the main engine. Ensure that the hydraulic system is securely connected without leakage and is properly connected according to the equipment instructions.

    5. Install the electrical system

    Install the electrical system including motor, control panel and power cord etc. Install and make proper electrical connections. Ensure that the electrical system is connected correctly and there are no short circuits and leakage problems.

    6. Install the pipe bending mold

    According to the diameter and Angle of the pipe to be bent, a suitable bending mold is selected and installed on the machine. Ensure that the mold is installed correctly and does not loosen or shift.

    7. Install lubrication system


    If the medium frequency pipe bender is equipped with a lubrication system, it is necessary to install the lubrication system according to the equipment instructions, and ensure that the lubrication system can work normally.

    8. Connect the water supply to the power supply

    Connect the medium frequency pipe bender to the water supply and power supply system. Ensure that pipes and cables for water and power supply meet stability standards and are properly connected.

    9. Debug and test

    After all the installation steps are complete, you need to debug and test the device. First, check the working status of the various components and systems to ensure that there are no abnormal conditions. Then, some simple trial runs and tests are carried out to ensure that the performance and function of the equipment are normal.

    10. Training and operation

    After installation, it is necessary to train the operators to familiarize them with the operation methods and stability procedures of the medium frequency pipe bender. At the same time, set up the necessary signs and warning signs to remind the operator to pay attention to stable operation.

    The above is a detailed introduction to the installation process of the medium frequency pipe bender. During the installation, observe the stability regulations and perform correct operations according to the device instructions. If you encounter any problems, please contact the manufacturer or technical personnel for help.

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