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    Check the medium frequency pipe bender before working


    Intermediate frequency pipe bending machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for processing metal pipes, and the inspection before work is an important link to ensure the stable operation and production quality of the machine. The following is the inspection matters before the operation of the intermediate frequency pipe bending machine, detailed as follows:

    1. Power check:

    - Check that the power connection is firm and there is no loose or short circuit.

    - Ensure that the power supply voltage matches the voltage required by the machine.

    2. Hose inspection:

    - Check whether the hose is damaged, aging or cracked, and replace it in time if there is a problem.

    - Check whether the hose connection is firm and there is no leakage.

    3. Hydraulic system inspection:

    - Check whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil is within the normal range, if insufficient, it should be added in time.

    - Check the contamination of hydraulic oil, and replace the hydraulic oil if there is contamination.

    - Check whether the pipeline of the hydraulic system is loose or leaking.

    4. Mechanical parts inspection:

    - Check whether the main shaft, guide rail, slide and other mechanical parts of the pipe bender are loose or worn. If there is any problem, repair or replace it in time.

    - Check the lubrication of the mechanical parts and add the appropriate amount of lubricating oil if necessary.

    5. Check the control system:

    - Check that the control panel of the machine is working properly and make sure that all buttons and switches are functioning properly.

    - Check whether the cable connection of the control system is firm, and there is no loose or poor contact.

    6. Stability protection check:

    - Check that all stability protection devices are in good condition, such as protective cover, emergency stop button, safety door, etc.

    - Check that the alarm system and emergency shutdown device are working properly.

    7. Operator inspection:

    - Ensure that the operator has the relevant operating skills and experience and understands the machine stability operation procedures.

    - Check that the operator is wearing personal protective equipment, such as gloves.

    The above is the inspection matters before the work of the medium frequency pipe bender. Through careful inspection and maintenance, the stable operation of the machine can be ensured and the quality and efficiency of production can be improved. At the same time, in order to avoid accidents, please ensure that the operator strictly follows the operating procedures and maintains regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine.

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