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    Knowledge advantage of hydraulic pipe bender

    Knowledge advantage of hydraulic pipe bender

    Hydraulic pipe bender has a variety of different bending Angle prefabrication, Chinese subtitles display, can choose manual, semi-automatic operation mode. The hydraulic pipe bender is used to bend the pipe by positioning and clamping, compacting the pipe by the mold and rotating it around the center Angle. Multi - Angle, rotary molding. Large bending pipe wall thickness mm 3-100 small bending radius shall not be less than 1.3D of pipe diameter; Large bending radius, large effective core length can be customized according to customer requirements. Large bending radius mm R700 small bending radius mm R90 most products by NC control, hydraulic drive, with a variety of different bending Angle of the prefabricated.

    Hydraulic pipe bender can be roughly divided into CNC pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender and so on. The purpose of hydraulic pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender is mainly used in electric power construction, highway construction, bridge, and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair. It has many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation and so on. In addition to the function of pipe bending, the pipe bender can also use the oil cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with CNC pipe bending equipment, it has the characteristics of cheap price and convenient use, and occupies a leading position in the domestic pipe bender market. Pipe bender is mainly used for pipe forming. Medium frequency bend pipe bend factory implementation standard for welding elbows used on ships. Our company's executive standard is perfect service and let you peace of mind price, good quality is your guarantee.

    Hydraulic pipe bender has strong capacity, good quality, reliable and easy to operate. Save labor, reduce enterprise cost, high mechanization efficiency.

    Stamping processing has high production efficiency, convenient operation, energy saving and high efficiency, easy to realize mechanization and automation, the die life is generally long, so the stamping quality is stable.

    The hydraulic pipe bender has many advantages such as reasonable structure, smooth operation, convenient operation, reasonable price, simple loading and unloading, multi-use of one machine and so on. It occupies a large market share in China. It is a kind of pipe bending equipment which is popular in the market now and has high scientific and technological content. At present, it is widely used in pipeline prefabrication in electric power, petroleum, shipbuilding, chemical engineering and other fields

    Mainly by mechanical device, hydraulic device, medium frequency heating system. The main power is hydraulic cylinder, heating way is medium frequency heating.

    Cangzhou Aogang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. not only produces, but also produces, hydraulic pipe bender, tee machine, elbow machine, pipe expansion machine, press, groove machine, mold and other mechanical equipment and supporting mold.