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    Elbow manufacturers provide two kinds of equipment

    Elbow manufacturers provide two kinds of equipment

    Elbow machine manufacturers will introduce the types of elbow machine to you. Ao Guang pipe fitting equipment is mainly divided into two kinds of elbow machine, one is medium frequency elbow machine, the other is cold push elbow machine. The processing process of elbow machine is mainly to manufacture can be made according to customer requirements processing molding, can be produced into carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on. Low price, quality assurance, satisfactory service, welcome users who need elbow machine equipment to come to buy.

    Intermediate frequency elbow machine with seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe or spiral pipe as raw materials, the use of intermediate frequency heating, its power and frequency are adjustable, so as to ensure the appropriate dithermal height, to ensure the product material performance stability, intermediate frequency power factor above 0.95, energy saving, novel equipment, compact structure, automatic operation, high production efficiency. Using hydraulic cylinder to push raw materials, powerful thrust, continuously variable speed, automatic control, can greatly save manpower and material resources, and has low construction investment, high yield, raw material specifications and strong applicability.

    Our factory has successfully designed and manufactured hundreds of elbow machines over the years, the products are all over the world, the products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, construction, water conservancy and other fields, and the pipe fittings are mainly used for pipe turns.

    Aogang Pipe Fitting Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to provide services for each customer is to ensure the quality of each pipe fitting equipment ordered, and the operation process, as well as the service after ordering such as on-site commissioning, operation and use, to make pipe fitting products customers want, to ensure the smooth operation of pipe fitting equipment, as well as the perennial after-sales and warranty.