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    Elbow machine manufacturers to the equipment transformation

    Elbow machine manufacturers to the equipment transformation

    Aogang Pipe Fittings Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly produces materials divided into: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. If there is a need for pipe fittings of the above materials, order the pipe fittings equipment of Aoguang. Aoguang pipe fitting equipment has the advantages of simple operation, high production efficiency and low cost.

    Elbow machine is mainly made of medium frequency induction heating push shape, is the traditional equipment of Aoguang pipe fitting equipment, with more than ten years of manufacturing experience. With the development of steel pipe deep processing technology, the product has been improved. A number of operating machines, such as hydraulic opening and closing of push plate gate and hydraulic clamping of raw steel pipe, have been realized, and new products such as four-cylinder elbow machine have been developed by combining the innovation and expansion technology of our company's two-step advance machine.

    Elbow products production of raw steel pipe for: seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe and coiled steel pipe. The equipment can produce elbow product specifications range: outer diameter: 1 inch (25mm) ~ 60 inch (1420mm); Wall thickness: 5mm ~ 120mm; Angle: 22.5°45°90°135° and user demand Angle.

    According to the outer diameter and wall thickness of the thermal expansion elbow, the elbow machine series is divided into 10 specifications. Specific specifications of the equipment according to the user needs to produce the elbow diameter and wall thickness, configuration of intermediate frequency heating power supply, cylinder thrust, stroke and the number of cylinders. (See the technical parameter table for details)

    Structure of elbow machine:

    The equipment is composed of the following parts: the main engine of the elbow machine, the hydraulic pump station, the operation station, the motor control cabinet, the IF power supply, the compensation capacitor, the water cable, the IF coil adjusting frame, the reactor.

    User's own: cooling back and forth water system (pool, pump, water distributor, upper and lower water pipes).

    Hydraulic oil for equipment: l-hm anti-wear hydraulic oil 32# ~ 100# (46# is recommended).

    The equipment in the workshop is connected with wires and cables. See the equipment operation manual for specifications.

    Intermediate frequency induction heating coil, elbow mold core head can be purchased separately according to production needs.

    Elbow machine equipment: hydraulic pressure straightening machine, pipe end cutting machine, elbow detection equipment.

    The working principle of the equipment: the prepared raw steel pipe is covered outside the elbow mold core head, the intermediate frequency induction coil is placed at the end of the elbow mold core head, the cooling water pump is started, the intermediate frequency power supply is turned on to heat the raw steel pipe to about 750℃, and then the pushing machine is started to push.

    The SCR, IF coil, compensation capacitor, water cable, reactor and other components of the IF induction power supply need water cooling back and forth.