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    Pipe benders are shipped all over the world


    Pipe benders are shipped all over the world



    The mechanical part of the hydraulic pipe bender manufacturer is equipped with four major structures, which are power source structure, clamping and fixing structure, bending radius adjusting machinery and pushing structure.

    The hydraulic pipe bender has the function of automatic energy production, which can improve the working ability of the equipment. With many years of design and maintenance experience, the layout of the machine is more reasonable, the equipment installation is convenient, the operation is stable and easy to maintain. The equipment has the advantages of simple operation, long life, low noise, multiple use of one machine, high quality and low price. It is the supporting equipment of steel pipe mechanized production. The listing of the equipment can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

    Main Features:

    Large tonnage hydraulic or chain mechanical tube push, bending process is stable, adjustable rocker arm, adapt to a variety of radius adjustment

    The pipe bender will experience both tensile and compressive stresses on the inside and outside of the pipe when bending. The pipe changes, causing the quality of the bend to decline, the purpose is to ensure the quality of the pipe.

    The working principle of the pipe bender is divided into: medium frequency induction heating pipe bender. Its working principle is to use the medium frequency power supply to heat the steel pipe, and push the steel pipe at a constant speed, so that the heating part of the steel pipe along the designed track to form a bend with a certain radius and Angle of curvature. First, the steel pipe is installed in place, and the bending radius is adjusted by the lead screw master drive device on the rocker arm rotary device. The steel pipe is heated to a certain temperature by an intermediate frequency induction heating ring and then bent. When bending, the hydraulic pressure is used as the power, and the steel pipe is pushed forward by a dolly. In this way, the required pipe bending fittings can be obtained.

    The power system of pipe bender is mainly composed of motor and reducer, with two working states, fast forward (backward) and forward, respectively driven by AC motor and variable frequency motor. Variable frequency motor is the power of pipe bender. Ac motor is the brake and electromagnetic clutch and AC motor linkage control.

    Transmission structure mainly includes gear group, chain, guide rail and so on.

    How the bender works: The method of pushing the bend with large radius (more than 2.5D) is as follows: the pipe with the same diameter is heated by the induction ring with four wheel clamp steel pipe. With the rotation of the rocker arm, the bend pipe with the same diameter is bent without the need of the core rod and the core head, and the diameter is not expanded. The method to push the small radius elbow (below 3D) is to expand the large diameter elbow by heating the small diameter pipe through the mandrel and the horn core through the medium frequency induction ring.

    The pipe bender is the leading equipment of our company, which is mainly used to produce all kinds of large radius elbow and push small radius elbow. The pipe bender has reasonable design, reliable operation, convenient operation and good working performance.