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    Disassembly process of elbow oil cylinder



    Disassembly process of elbow oil cylinder

    First of all, you have to know the hydraulic cylinder you want to remove, of course, before the removal of mapping. For later assembly. Especially the location of the oil outlet, placement size.

    Next you can remove the cylinder bottom, cylinder head, guide sleeve. Take the piston rod out of the cylinder, in case the piston rod impact injury. And then come down and remove the piston. The piston is also usually threaded adjacent, but will have a stop screw, the stop screw should be removed first. Finally remove the sealing ring.

    When a hydraulic system has a number of hydraulic cylinders, it is necessary to connect what kind of valve at the pump outlet, ensuring that each hydraulic cylinder can be normal things, but also when some things are not, the whole other system is quiet.

    Install an electromagnetic relief valve. This valve can control the pressure of your entire system and can be opened to relieve pressure when the cylinder pressure does not rise above the nominal pressure. Under nominal pressure this valve closed hydraulic cylinder can do normal things. And can be electric control overflow smooth use of convenient.

    Use of pipe bender:

    1. When the transformer is running (including no-load), it is prohibited to suspend the supply of cooling water. The waterway should be smooth to prevent the water from splashing onto the transformer.

    2. The tortuous pipe should be carefully adjusted before tortuous, so that the base of the chuck and the base of the induction ring are consistent, and the support wheel supporting the workpiece should be adjusted at the appropriate height, so that the workpiece can be smoothly sent and ensure that the tortuous pipe and the straight section are in the same plane.

    3. Before operating the equipment, prepare the equipment and open the equipment according to the requirements of the intermediate frequency power supply and the intermediate frequency transformer; Open the equipment cooling water pump and workpiece cooling water, when the pipe heating to the temperature can be tortuous, and the temperature of the inner wall should be kept at least above 910℃, but not higher than the technology of the pipe allowed high heating temperature, can open the main motor for tortuous operation; Do not open the main motor without heating to the tortuous temperature or the workpiece without heating. After the winding is finished, stop heating, and before loosening the clamp, it is forbidden to open the main motor for reverse operation of the swivel arm.