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    Structural characteristics of push machine

    Structural characteristics of push machine

    The structure of the four-cylinder elbow pushing machine is based on the outside diameter and wall thickness required by the user, and the power of the intermediate frequency heating power supply, the diameter and shape path of the oil cylinder, and the number of the oil cylinder are set for the elbow pushing machine.

    Four cylinder elbow push machine factory supporting: elbow push machine, hydraulic pump station, medium frequency power supply, motor control cabinet, operating table, compensation resonant capacitor cabinet, water cable, reactor and other components.

    The mould and IF induction heating coil of the four cylinder elbow push machine are customized according to the products produced by customers.

    The working principle of the four-cylinder elbow pushing machine is to cover the prepared raw material tube at the mold core head, place the intermediate frequency induction plus hot wire trap at the end of the steel pipe and the mold core head of the push elbow, turn on the cooling water pump, turn on the intermediate frequency power supply to heat the raw material tube to about 800°, turn on the push machine, so that the elbow can be pushed. If power supply, IF induction heating coil, compensation capacitor, water cable, reactor and other components need water cooling back and forth.

    Push machine is the equipment to push the bend. Now the bend is mainly made by pushing the machine. The first is to see the speed of the push machine in the production of the bend. Then see if the push machine can be made in batch production. In is to look at the quality of push mechanism elbow, push machine in push elbow molding process is the most important molding production process.

    The material and shape of the mandrel head on the pushing machine is an important technological parameter, which is directly controlled by the design and manufacture. The material of the mandrel head on the pushing machine is generally stainless steel, the price is relatively cheap, the cost is low, and the use time is long.

    After the operation of the push machine, the switch of each operation control system must be checked to see if it is shut down. The power supply should be cut off. Medium frequency push machine needs to do a good job of daily maintenance. Also check the base, core head, coil, bracket system of medium frequency elbow machine regularly. Medium frequency push machine production elbow product specifications range: 21mm-1620mm outside diameter: wall thickness 3mm-120mm; Angle can be customized according to customer requirements.