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    The process flow of the three-way machine

    The process flow of the three-way machine

    The three-way machine is mostly a simple mechanical mechanism, for the size and position of the blank parts to be extruded can not be accurately judged, and can not control the size of the extrusion, resulting in the size and accuracy of the forming of the three-way is not enough, affecting its performance. Tee machine production tee for pipe fittings, pipe connectors. The pipe fitting produced by the three-way machine is also called the pipe fitting three-way or three-way pipe fitting, stainless steel equal diameter three-way three-way joint, used in the main pipe to branch pipe, in the processing of the three-way. The blank is usually extruded by cold extrusion.

    Tee machine is a machine that produces tee, also known as equipment. Tee machine mainly produces carbon steel stainless steel and alloy steel tee. The main production of three for pipe connection, with the main pipe branch pipe, three is divided into equal diameter and reduced diameter tee. The model and mold of the three-way machine are customized according to customer needs. The material of tee is divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and so on. Tee machine production tee through the mold to extrude forming. Three-way machine for the whole frame structure, strong steel, stable and reliable in the operation process, three-way machine equipment has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, adopt PLC button control system, with automatic and manual operation mode. Tee machine can produce the diameter of 21mm-630mm, wall thickness of 3mm-20mm tee.