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    Economic benefits brought by pipe expanding machine

    Economic benefits brought by pipe expanding machine

    The function of pipe expanding machine: This product equipment is the production of various kinds of steel pipe commonly used equipment. The pipe expanding machine adopts adjustable equipment, and the master cylinder thrust is designed according to customer requirements. The steel pipe produced by pipe expanding machine has good sealing performance. High pressure pumps are used to complete high pressure tests.

    The pipe expanding machine has reasonable device, high production efficiency and wide range of production specifications. Master cylinder thrust movable steel pipe, suitable for various lengths of steel pipe. Steel pipe is divided into seamless pipe, straight seam pipe, spiral pipe and so on.

    Equipment composition of pipe expanding machine: base, master cylinder support plate (including master cylinder), movable pushing plate, front support plate, automatic feeding structure, feed roller, mold support, IF coil adjustment frame (including IF heating coil), if power supply, electrical control system, etc.

    The pipe expanding machine adopts medium frequency power supply induction heating, and the wire trap is outside the steel pipe. Before the steel tube is pushed, it is coated with lead powder and transported to the hydraulic push machine through the feed frame. After expanding the diameter, output through the feed rack.

    The main equipment is thermal expansion of steel pipe, mainly aiming at the domestic production of large diameter steel pipe can not meet the market demand and the design of various steel pipe specifications, to meet the production demand of small batch and variety of steel pipe, can meet the expansion of different materials of steel pipe and various non-standard steel pipe expansion demand, is the main production process of large diameter steel pipe. It has been widely used in military industry, power station construction, aerospace industry and Marine industry equipment manufacturing, and has made great contributions to the user steel pipe industry and energy construction.

    The pipe expanding machine has the advantages of heating steel pipe, saving energy, simplifying operation procedure and reducing labor cost. It can realize the normal production of 10 pipe expanding units.

    The pipe expanding machine automatically controls the intermediate frequency power supply in the process of pipe expanding production, heating the steel pipe to the required temperature and keeping it constant, effectively avoiding the scrap of the steel pipe and die due to the high temperature of the steel pipe, and avoiding the pull rod or die due to the low temperature resulting in the large thrust rupture of the thermal expansion machine. Compared with the manual heating steel pipe, the operation procedure is simplified, the labor cost is reduced, and the normal production and pipe expanding of multiple pipe expanding units are realized.