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    Automatic constant temperature function of if tube expanding

    Intelligent constant temperature features of pipe expanding machine:
    1, the intelligent control of intermediate frequency power supply at the time of expanding production will steel tube heated to the required temperature and constant, especially in the thermal expansion of high alloy steel pipe, more can reflect the superiority of the system to adapt to the thermoplastic deformation temperature area narrow, effectively avoid the human factors caused by the alloy steel pipe burnt (high temperature) to produce the scrap quality decline and die for steel tube, at the same time avoid the low temperature and the thermal expansion unit thrust lever or die fracture is caused by the rising. Ensure the safe operation of thermal expansion tube unit, eliminate unsafe factors.
    2, intermediate frequency expanding machine intelligent constant temperature system of intermediate frequency power supply with constant temperature heating one, thus ensuring thermal expansion pipe heating is always in a state of constant temperature, compared with the manual operation of steel pipe heating, energy conservation, environmental protection, simplify the operation procedures, reduce the labor costs, can achieve a operators at the same time monitoring the ten most normal production expansion tube expansion pipe unit, and can be through the pressure, velocity, temperature programming overload protection. It completely eliminates the unsafe factors caused by high pressure of tube expanding unit in tube expanding production.
    3. Each unit sets two temperature measuring points for intelligent automatic temperature control. According to the pre-set heating temperature of different grades of steel pipes, the heating temperature of the steel pipes to be expanded can be selected and kept constant, and can be displayed and recorded in real time. At the same time, relevant temperature, time, working pressure, speed and other relevant information will be automatically stored to ensure the traceability of data.