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    How to choose pipe bender?

    How to choose pipe bending machine?
    Die forced forming method, its representative is to use punch to produce pipe bending; Roller bending method, commonly seen in the electric three-roller bending machine, its characteristics are only rolling different arc, the most widely used at present is the stainless steel decoration industry; Top pressure rolling method, common in the electric flat pipe bender, the current hydraulic pipe bender in the double bending machine is also using this forming method; Winding bending method, currently all the single-head hydraulic pipe bender and CNC pipe bender on the market are using this forming method, its characteristic is that the product deformation degree is small, basically can avoid the scratch of the pipe surface, the ellipticity and thinning amount of the pipe can be controlled in the minimum range when the core bending.
    According to the use of mandrel, it can be divided into two categories, that is, the mandrel bending method and the mandrel bending method, hydraulic pipe bender and CNC pipe bender are designed according to the winding type bending, and can carry out core-bending and core-free bending.
    In actual production, what kind of pipe bending machine is most suitable for their own equipment? In fact, this question does not need to ask others, ask your own production on the line, small amount of thin bending pipe fitting production, you will not choose tens of thousands of equipment to produce it. On the other hand, you will carefully evaluate whether to use efficient production equipment or to use low-cost but labor-intensive equipment and worry about not being able to produce on time and in quantity.