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    Material parts for expanding seamless steel tubes

    The shortage of large diameter steel tubes has been solved by the appearance of thermal expansion steel tubes. In fact both of large diameter bend and large diameter expanding, as a result of the limitation of technology in the field of hydraulic pressure is an important problem, large diameter steel pipe originally need corresponding large-scale pipe equipment and pipe fittings, artificial cost or technical field, however, are more difficult to achieve large diameter steel pipe production, and thermal expansion of steel tube, using high temperature conditions, can be small diameter steel pipe thermal expansion of large diameter, and won't happen too big gap between the wall thickness or fracture. In the near future it is difficult to solve the supply of large diameter steel tubes. Ease the big straight pipe market supply tension.
    Seamless steel tube is a kind of circular, square and rectangular steel with hollow section and no joints around. Seamless steel tube is made of steel ingot or solid tube blank through perforation into capillary, and then by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold rolling.