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    Preparation for pipe bending machine

    Preparation of intermediate frequency pipe bending machine
    1. Preparation before starting up: check whether the oil level of the oil tank reaches the oil level line, add oil at each lubrication point, confirm the motor steering after starting up, check whether there is abnormal sound in the oil pump, and check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system after starting up (Angle encoder is not allowed to add oil);
    2. Pressure adjustment: adjust the pressure with the electromagnetic relief valve to ensure that the system pressure reaches the required working pressure, generally not higher than 12.5mpa.
    3, mold adjustment: mold installation, mold and clamping block on the center, clamping block can be adjusted by bolts; Center of boost block and mould, boost block can be adjusted; Center the core head with the mold, loosen the core head frame bolt, adjust the center and tighten the bolt.
    4. The hydraulic system pressure of the pipe bender shall not be greater than 14Mpa.