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    Influence of push speed on elbow

    The influence of pushing temperature, pushing speed and friction coefficient on the forming process of elbow machine.
    The main research contents and results are as follows: (1) using involute forming period of the central axis of mutation as a core rod hole enlargement, its main design thought is infinite gradually reduce to plastic section curvature radius of curvature radius, this is conducive to the flow of metal in the process of expanding, the flow inside the elbow arc metal materials can fully to outer arc, avoiding the traditional process when the deformation by thinning elbow lateral tensile, compression of the medial thickening of the wall thickness uneven phenomenon, to ensure the outer diameter of the uniformity of roundness and wall thickness. (2) control variable method is adopted to optimize the design of the central axis, and the optimal design is selected for simulation. (3) finite element simulation software Abaqus and orthogonal test method were used to simulate the hot push molding process of elbow under different process parameters. The simulation results show that the tube blank is easy to wrinkle when the pushing temperature is too high and crack when it is too low.