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    The importance of medium frequency pipe bender

    The importance of medium frequency pipe bender

    In the field of mechanical hydraulic pipe fittings, the use of intermediate frequency pipe bending machine in the market accounted for the proportion of larger, in life, in the construction of public infrastructure have greater importance, I company produces good bending, but also produced good pipe bender, like intermediate frequency pipe bender is the technology of PLC system, so as to better meet the needs of the customers.Large-scale intermediate frequency pipe bender equipment mainly includes: frame, main cylinder support plate (including main cylinder), movable push plate, elbow clamp wheel platform, elbow rocker arm, rocker arm rotating shaft, elbow combination chuck, intermediate frequency transformer bracket, intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency transformer, electrical control system and so on.


    Use of medium frequency pipe bender:Will work cylinder screwing gear block of internal thread, based on the bent pipe diameter selection mode, the fortress, set the column will be two roll groove which corresponds to the die, and then in the corresponding size of the plate hole, insert the curved pipe groove, then the quick joint activities section of the high pressure oil pipe end back, and set on the joint of oil cylinder and oil pump, the oil drain screw tightening on the oil pump,You can bend the pipe, bend the pipe is finished, relax the oil drain screw, the plunger is automatically reset.The benders produced by the large pipe bender have beautiful appearance, high quality and high production efficiency.

    The intermediate frequency pipe bender ends with the branch line and sends it to the moving car. During the tortuous process of pipe building, it is pulled forward by the pipe for movement.Such after removed are thrust, and then remove the synchronous nature of the car and winding speed of doubt, remove the thrust, but the setting of the dc motor feedback system, simplifies the electric circuit, as is the thrust of the twists and turns of the pipe is very powerful, especially in the twists and turns of larger diameter pipe, the thrust is necessary.So the pipe bender added the main push equipment.

    At twists and turns, the car is pulled forward by the pipe as a load. In order to improve the twists and turns and prevent the wall thickness of the pipe from being too thin, the role of rebound is reduced and the role of boosting equipment is added.After the zigzag, the pressure film should not only press the tube, but also be pushed forward by the thrust force, which can form a side thrust for bending at a time.Bend the arm and twisting spindle cohesion became one bend bend mold shaft join into an organic whole, bend bend mold axis can be replaced, apply to up and down movement, pipe bender that structure is reasonable, not only add some mechanical strength, and structure is very brief, and then can make electric circuit more simplified.