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    The beveling machine manufacturer on the beveling machine

    The beveling machine manufacturer on the beveling machine

    The company produces manual, automatic integrated beveling machines of various models, we can according to customer requirements to customize various models and so on.

    The machining of steel pipe groove is a necessary procedure before the welding of thick-wall petroleum pipe fittings, which is an important guarantee for the welding quality of pipe fittings.Automatic beveling machine is a professional equipment for beveling pipe fittings. At present, most of the equipment in China is portable, which is suitable for repairing pipe fittings in the later stage.

    Cangzhou Aoguang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. not only produces groove machine, but also produces elbow machine, pipe bender, tee machine, pipe expanding machine, press and other mechanical equipment as well as supporting molds.

    The machine is composed of five parts: power head, cutter head structure, bed structure, fixture platform structure, electrical control system and so on.

    The beveling machine can be equipped with floating tools, floating tool axis 尜 game can adjust the cutting position of the tool along the inner wall of the pipe at will, the floating amount of 30mm, even if the nozzle has a slight elliptical processing after the beveling can be particularly uniform.

    The workpiece clamping device of the beveling machine is convenient and fast. After the workpiece clamping device is fixed on the processing platform and adjusted to the appropriate position, it is put into the workpiece to be machined equally (the center of the workpiece is the same as the center of the cutter head of the beveling machine) to tighten the two clamping V-type device bolts.

    Fixture can be 360° rotation, processing elbow can be processed without unloading another port, and elbow 90° processing accuracy is higher.

    The power of the bevel machine is strong, the equipment uses three-phase asynchronous motor, which has the advantages of large power, strong anti-overload ability and long service life.

    Beveling machine has a wide range of application, the equipment can process carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials of straight pipe, elbow, tee, reducing pipe and other round caliber workpiece.

    Aiming at the problem that the end of large diameter welded steel pipe needs to be machined, a end face beveling machine is designed, and its structure and working principle are introduced.