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    Introduction to heating principle of medium frequency pipe b

    Introduction to heating principle of medium frequency pipe bender

    The working principle of the medium frequency heating pipe bender is to heat the steel pipe with the medium frequency power supply and push the steel pipe at a uniform speed to make the heated part of the steel pipe walk along the preset track so as to form a bending pipe with a certain radius of curvature and Angle.

    Steel tube in place first, via the radial rotary device of screw gearing adjust bend radius, the intermediate frequency induction heating coil to bending of steel pipe after heated to a certain temperature, powered by hydraulic bending, by car pole pushed forward, the platform has four waist wheel clamping steel pipe, the adjust good bending radius deformation and bending in heating place,After the steel tube is deformed, water is sprayed to cool it so as to obtain the required bending pipe fittings.

    In order to prevent the steel tube from ellipse after heating, the medium frequency heating pipe bender predeforms the steel tube before heating.

    All the equipment purchased from our company will be made within two months.

    Forming pipe bender The process of making pipe bender

    Forming pipe bending machine is specialized in pipe bending and manufacturing, one-time can be at the same time the rate of 3-4 pipes, good size consistency, high efficiency, easy operation personnel.

    In the pipe type design and pipe arrangement of pipe bending machine, excessive arc, arbitrary curve, compound bend and arc greater than 180° should be avoided.Excessive arc not only makes the tooling bulky, but also restricted by the size of the pipe bender machine tool;Arbitrary curve, compound bend design modeling is very unreasonable, greatly hindered mechanization, automation production, so that the operator is difficult to get rid of heavy physical labor;Arc greater than 180° makes it impossible for the bender to unload the mould.

    The bending radius of the forming pipe bender should be as far as possible to achieve "one tube and one mould" and "multiple tubes and one mould".For a pipe, no matter how many bends there are and how the bending Angle is, the bending radius can only have one, because the pipe bender does not change the module in the bending process, which is "one mold for one pipe".And "multi-tube one mold", that is, the pipe with the same diameter specification should be used as far as possible the same bending radius, that is, the use of the same set of modules bending different shapes of pipe, so as to help reduce the number of modules.