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    Main characteristics and manufacturing technology of medium

    Main characteristics and manufacturing technology of medium frequency pipe bender

    Five characteristics of pipe bender:

    1. The pipe bender adopts touch screen and numerical control module, with conversational operation and simple and easy program setting

    2, the bed structure is stable, not easy to deform.

    3. Each gear can set 16 elbow angles, and the memory can store 16 groups of files.

    4, all slow positioning function, bending Angle is stable, repeated accuracy up to ±0.1°

    5. Error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator eliminate it immediately.

    The production technology of medium frequency pipe bender belongs to the category of thermal expansion.The process is as follows:Is straight cutting thick through push pipe bending machine in the department of steel tube to be bent on feel circle, turning arm stuck pipe head with machines, during a felt circle into the intermediate frequency current heating tube, when the steel tube temperature to the plastic state, after the steel pipe end thrust forward with machines, bending, bending make agile use coolant cooling steel tube department, so much while heating, cooling, propulsion, bending, whileKeep bending the elbow out.Medium frequency pipe bender is important for the construction of arc steel layout, tunnel support, car roof bending beam, subway engineering, aluminum doors and Windows, ceiling, package cylinder frame, balcony armrest, shower door, production line track, fitness things and other industries.

    Principle and operation of pipe bender and matters needing attention


    Structure and working principle of pipe bender:By electric pumps, high pressure oil pipe, quick joint, working cylinder, plunger, bend parts including mold, roller, high pressure oil output by a electric oil pump, through the high pressure oil pipe into working cylinder, high pressure and promote the work within the cylinder piston, generate thrust, through the pipe bending parts bending pipe, pipe bender the purpose of use in factories, warehouses, docks, construction, railway,Car, etc., installation of plumbing and repair.In addition to the function of pipe bending, it can also remove the cylinder of pipe bending components and be used as a separate hydraulic jack.

    Pipe bender in the process of production is mainly used is a touch screen and numerical control mold composition, the equipment in the process of use can be a dialogue operation, the program setting of the pipe bender is very simple and easy, the bed structure of the pipe bender is stable, in use will not appear its deformation.In the process of starting the pipe bender, it is necessary to pay attention that the human body shall not enter the sweep range of the rotary arm. In the process of working, all the personnel are forbidden to enter the sweep space range of the rotary arm and pipe fittings. Under normal circumstances, the equipment needs to be replaced once a year and the oil filter needs to be cleaned when necessary.

    In the process of adjusting the pipe bender, it should be effectively adjusted by pressing the button. In the process of using it, it can not be adjusted on the machine tool. Another person should operate on the control cabinet