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    Beveling machine is one of the essential pipe fitting indust

    Beveling machine is one of the essential pipe fitting industry

    The beveling machine is now a necessary pipe fitting equipment in the pipe fitting industry. Under the requirements of customers, the mouth of each pipe fitting must be beveled by the beveling machine before leaving the factory. This is also one of the necessary pipe fitting equipment in the pipe fitting industry.

    The beveling machine can be beveled at various angles such as 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 30 degrees, etc.The function of the beveling machine is not only to beveling elbow but also to the steel pipe and the size of the head, tee and other processing beveling.In this way, the beveling machine is also indispensable in the steel pipe factory, which is also a necessary steel pipe industry, also known as the beveling machine.

    The company mainly produces beveling machine, is a preferred manufacturer of pipe fittings and steel pipe industry.With the best quality price to provide customers, welcome new and old users to visit and order.

    The introduction and working principle of mechanical beveling machine

    Mechanical beveling machine external installed pipe cutting beveling machine is a convenient cutting beveling machine equipment, easy to use, etc.

    Mechanical beveling machine is a kind of new structure and new performance special equipment for pipe end beveling processing designed and produced by our company.

    Compared with the traditional similar beveling machine, this equipment carries on the unique creation design, the function and the performance of the equipment has been greatly expanded and improved.Widely used in power plant, petroleum, chemical, construction, shipbuilding and other industries of pipe fittings of the broken processing.

    The structure of the mechanical beveling machine is simple and wear-resistant. The power structure of the beveling machine, the cutting mechanism, the main bed and the workpiece clamping mechanism are parallel and concentric distributed on the frame.Compact structure, all parts of the force uniform.The equipment is hoisted and moved without re-testing the balance degree.Fix the anchor bolt.

    1. The equipment is composed of the main machine of groove machine, pipe clamping device and loading and unloading platform.

    The main machine of the beveling machine is composed of transmission deceleration parts, floating cutter head parts, movable feed rotating spindle parts and rotating steel pipe clamping parts.

    The loading and unloading device is composed of raw steel tube lifting cylinder and conveying roller table with adjustable height.

    2. How it works

    The pipe fittings or pipe materials on the feeding platform are sent to the conveying roller table of chamfering machine through the lifting cylinder, and the pipe or pipe fittings are sent to the processing part. After clamping and setting the knife, the pipe or pipe fittings can be processed (the equipment can not only outer groove, but also internal and external groove).After the processing is completed, the steel pipe is moved to the discharging platform through the lifting oil cylinder, so as to complete the whole process of processing.