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    Choose the bender to choose the quality of the bender

    Choose the bender to choose the quality of the bender

    In the choice of pipe bender at the same time the first choice to understand the quality of the pipe bender and the function of the pipe bender.This is every customer in the choice of pipe bender at the same time, must understand.When purchasing the pipe bender, it is first explained that the pipe bender is the chain type pipe bender or the medium frequency pipe bender. The travel and operation of the above two kinds of pipe bender are different.Medium frequency pipe bender is divided into manual operation, semi-automatic operation and fully automatic operation pipe bender.That's the first one.When the customer explains the mode of operation in selecting the bender stroke and the quality of the bender.The quality of the pipe bender is controlled by the system first, and the machine is stable.With automatic Settings, most important for mass production.

    The company is a pipe bender manufacturers, mainly is a technology is infinite, create infinite.The pursuit of advanced technology, so that each customer spend money to buy the value of the pipe bender.

    The function of the pipe bender is very much, its structure is reasonable, and the operation is very simple. This excellent pipe fitting equipment should have accurate operation methods, so as to make full use of the pipe bender. The following are the questions that need to be paid attention to in the process of use:

    When the pipe bender is in operation, we should pay attention to the fact that the human body can not enter the scale of rotation and scanning of the rotary arm.

    When the pipe bender is working, the staff about everything is not able to enter the space scale swept by the swivel arm and pipe fitting.

    The hydraulic system of pipe bender adopts the general hydraulic oil of YA-N32.Under normal operation, it should be replaced once a year, and the oil filter should be cleaned together.

    In the adjustment of the machine tool mold, the first thing should be to adjust the regulator itself to press the button to adjust, is not a person on the machine tool to adjust, and a person in the control cabinet above the operation.

    Remove the core rod when adjusting the pipe bender or when running empty.

    The pipe bender produced by our company has complete functions and reasonable design.