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    How does the pipe fitting equipment manufacturer clean the

    How does the pipe fitting equipment manufacturer clean the workshop

    Recently, Cangzhou Aoguang Pipe Fitting Equipment Co., Ltd. organized employees to carry out an activity of "cleaning the production workshop and improving the working environment".

    "March day, child face", lasted more than half a month of rainy weather, still can not stop everyone beautify the pace of the working environment.After lunch, leaders and employees took their own brooms, matchmakers, buckets, rags, shovels and other tools to meet and come to the elbow workshop.The leader led everyone to pick up a broom and clean up all the rubbish in the workshop, and then put the dustpan into the nearby trash can. Gong, the employee, together with others, picked up a rag and a bucket to clean the machine and the elbow mold.Under everyone's hard work, the workshop has been clean and refreshed, providing a good working environment for employees!

    Cangzhou Aoguang Pipe Fit Equipment Co., Ltd. will, as always, organize employees to clean different workshops regularly to provide a good working environment for employees, and participate in the comprehensive environmental renovation activities of "Beautiful Cangzhou · Happy Home"!

    What kind of pipe bender is called multi-function pipe bender

    The function of multi-function pipe bender is very much, its structure is reasonable, and the operation is very simple, this excellent pipe fitting equipment should have accurate operation method, can be very good to make full use of the pipe bender, the next introduction in the use of the process needs to pay attention to the questions:

    When the pipe bender is in operation, we should pay attention to the fact that the human body can not enter the scale of rotation and scanning of the rotary arm.

    When the pipe bender is working, the staff about everything is not able to enter the space scale swept by the swivel arm and pipe fitting.

    The hydraulic system of pipe bender adopts the general hydraulic oil of YA-N32.Under normal operation, it should be replaced once a year, and the oil filter should be cleaned together.

    In the adjustment of the machine tool mold, the first thing should be to adjust the regulator itself to press the button to adjust, is not a person on the machine tool to adjust, and a person in the control cabinet above the operation.

    Remove the core rod when adjusting the pipe bender or when running empty.

    The pipe bender produced by our company has complete functions and reasonable design.