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    How to design the hydraulic system of hydraulic pipe bender

    How to design the hydraulic system of hydraulic pipe bender

    Firstly, the hydraulic pipe bender is simple to operate in the production process and high production efficiency. The biggest advantage of the pipe bender is that one person can operate it.

    The hydraulic system of the hydraulic pipe bender is mainly composed of 9 hydraulic cylinders and 2 hydraulic motors.The main clamping cylinder keeps ensuring that the pipe clamping fixture is firmly on the rotary arm when bending the pipe, ensuring that the pipe is tortuous according to the predetermined radius;Guide clamp cylinder up to help clamp pipe results, together with a guide and support of obedience;The push cylinder is held in the bending pipe to supply power for the pipe bender;Auxiliary clamping cylinder in the bending pipe is firmly on the push car, to stop the pipeline in the promotion of vibration breeding;The positioning clamping cylinder locates the main chuck on the rocker arm guide rail, and the elbow mechanism stops it moving due to the force in the operation;Positioning the hydraulic motor completes the movement of the rocker arm working platform;Reset the motor is to reset the rocker arm when the elbow is finished.In the hydraulic system of the pipe bender, the zigzag main clamping cylinder, the guide clamping cylinder, the auxiliary clamping cylinder, the pushing cylinder and the positioning clamping cylinder all use the hydraulic control one-way locking valve to eliminate the loss of pressure and ensure that the clamping and zigzag action is firm in the process of pipe bending.

    The company produces hydraulic pipe bender according to the needs of customers to produce various models.Pipe bender manufacturers welcome new and old users to visit and inquire

    The best manufacturer of pipe bender


    Pipe bending machine is a kind of pipe bending equipment of pipe fitting equipment manufacturers, and is also the traditional machine of our company.When choosing the pipe bender, the customer should first explain what kind of material needs to be produced and the type of material needs to be produced.

    Pipe fitting equipment includes pipe bender, elbow machine, tee machine, pipe expanding machine, press, beveling machine, etc.

    Pipe bender main production material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on.

    Pipe bender has the advantages of simple operation, high production efficiency and low cost.

    Pipe bender manufacturers according to years of production experience, widely used in chemical, petroleum, pipeline, heating and other industries.The company's production of pipe bender and mold models are complete, the price is preferential, welcome new and old users to visit and inquire.