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    What are the performance and characteristics of elbow beveli

    What are the performance and characteristics of elbow beveling machine

    The company can customize various types of good elbow beveling machine according to customer requirements, according to customer requirements for elbow beveling machine to wear customers like the color, as well as elbow beveling machine head and so on.In the selection of elbow beveling machine, first choose the production quality of the beveling machine and the speed of the elbow beveling machine.

    The elbow beveling machine is divided into manual discharging, automatic discharging, clamping, feeding, returning, loosening, discharging, automatic circulation.

    Elbow beveler feed is divided into fast feed and work feed, can adjust the cutting chamfer speed to complete the smooth finished surface.

    The elbow chamfering machine is suitable for both the inner and outer corners of the end face of the round pipe and pipe fittings. It can complete the chamfering operation at one time. The elbow chamfering machine is fast and accurate when working.

    The control system of elbow beveling machine is PLC color touch screen. The operation of elbow chamfering machine is simple.

    The elbow beveler is equipped with a fault alarm system and displays the source of the fault, so as to eliminate the fault in time and save the time of finding the fault.

    The advantage of elbow beveling machine is that it can adjust the corresponding speed according to different outer diameter and thickness of pipe fittings and steel pipe to achieve very good results.

    The elbow beveling machine adopts precision guide rail, which has high machining accuracy. The length tolerance is within plus or minus 0.05mm, the verticality and the parallelism are within plus or minus 0.05mm.

    In order to ensure that the processing of objects with the center line of the cutter accurate unchanged, the mo and the cutter after precision design, can be a uniform completion of the processing of objects, the cutter after special design blade normalization, adjust the tool is simple and fast.Welcome new and old customers to call our company to consult all kinds of pipe fittings equipment.