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    Cold forming elbow machine USES and characteristics

    Cold forming elbow machine USES and characteristics


    cold forming elbow machine

    Cold forming elbow machine is mainly aimed at the small radius elbow cold forming process and the design and manufacture, suitable for mass production of stainless steel elbow.Cold bend pushed the molding machine production capacity, 1/2 "- 24" curvature radius of 1 D - 1.5 D bend, compared with the hot pushing elbow process, with low energy consumption, low material consumption, high quality, high efficiency, convenient.Easy to operate, clean, no pollution, save labor, etc.
    Cold forming elbow machine has the independence actuating unit and the electrical system, the integrated control buttons, which can realize adjustment (point) manual and semi-automatic three movements.Cold bend machine working pressure, push speed, range can be adjusted according to the requirements of the process.