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    Installation requirements of hot forming elbow machine

    Installation requirements of hot forming elbow machine


    elbow machine

    Hot forming elbow machine specifications according to user needs in the production of elbow diameter and wall thickness, configuration hot forming induction heating power supply, power cylinder thrust, stroke and the oil cylinder number.Hot forming elbow machine is composed of the following parts: elbow push system host machine, hydraulic pump station, work station, electrical control cabinet, intermediate frequency power supply, water, cable, compensation capacitor, intermediate frequency adjust frame, coil reactor.
    Hot forming elbow machine to the workshop and the requirements of the auxiliary facilities:
    1, general requirements workshop length of 30 to 40 m, width of single equipment workshop for 6 to 8 m.
    2, pumping stations and intermediate frequency power supply best vice span installation in the workshop.
    3, each intermediate frequency power supply of circulating cooling water should be greater than 50m³ after and dust prevention measures.