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    For more than 20 years, Cangzhou Aocheng Machinery Equipment co., LTD. has been providing customers with specialized hydraulic equipment with the philosophy of quality first. Our hydraulic machinery such as pipe making, fitting, bending, expanding, straightening, and beveling machines are versatile enough for a number of industrial projects, and our increasing production capacity allows us to better serve customers.

    At Aocheng, we combine theory with practice. Two of our hydraulic machines designed by our research team have received national patents and our hydraulic four-cylinder propelled elbow forming machine is one of its kind in China’s large-diameter high-pressure elbow forming field. Thanks to our talented research and development team, Aocheng’s hydraulic machinery continues to fill in gaps in the existing market, and we use the latest technology to produce a range of pipe production lines, plate rolling machines, induction bending machines, and other hydraulic equipment for the construction industry.