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    Production technology of elbow machine equipment

    Production technology of elbow machine equipment

    Elbow machine is the main equipment for producing elbow pipe fittings. The elbow produced by the elbow machine is mainly used for pipe turning. It accounts for more than 80% of all pipe fittings used in the piping system and is a very important pipe fitting. Elbow machine is also known as the manufacture of elbow mechanical equipment. Elbow machine through high temperature or cold push elbow machine medium frequency induction heating (the main power is hydraulic cylinder). Customers choose according to their own needs. If you need to produce stainless steel elbow, choose cold push elbow machine. If carbon steel and alloy steel elbows are required, choose an intermediate frequency heating elbow machine. The cold push elbow machine is cheaper than the medium frequency heating elbow machine. The above situation is customized elbow machine equipment according to customer needs. Of course, elbow machine manufacturing requirements only according to customer requirements to determine.

    Elbow machine will be cut off the blank of the steel pipe processing molding: elbow machine is a core head or core rod, thin and thick. Elbow machine is the process of bending a diameter strip. There's support in the back. Insert the lower steel pipe section into the mandrel and fix the back of the mandrel. Through hydraulic mechanical transmission, the steel pipe segment slowly moves forward along the mandrel. There is an induction ring outside the mandrel, and the pipe is heated through the induction ring, and then the elbow is processed.

    The elbow products produced by the elbow machine need to be corrected and treated, so that the elbow pipe products produced by our company's elbow machine can be provided to each user who needs the elbow pipe products. The elbow machine equipment made by our company can meet the requirements of the world to the user. Let our company make bend machine equipment exported all over the world.

    The company mainly produces bending machine, pipe bending machine, pipe expanding machine, beveling machine, straightening machine, straight seam welding pipe production line, etc. The above fittings can be customized. Who order the company's pipe fittings equipment users, our company will be at a low price to provide customers with quality satisfaction and recognition of equipment, as well as sincere after-sales service.