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    Elbow machine to bring customers economic benefits

    Elbow machine to bring customers economic benefits

    Ao Guang production of pipe fittings equipment has many years of manufacturing experience, known as traditional equipment, mainly used to make a variety of different shapes of pipe fittings, pipe fittings material is divided into carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. Our company pipe fittings equipment can be produced and processed. The elbow machine is one of the most exported equipment around the world. Elbow pipe fittings produced by elbow machine are divided into long radius elbow and short radius elbow, etc. Two kinds of elbow materials and models are processed according to customer requirements. Elbow machine production of elbow pipe fittings high production efficiency, low cost, high yield advantages. The elbow pipe fitting made by the elbow mechanism produced by our company is an advanced technology at present.

    Elbow pipe fittings produced by elbow machine are divided into seamless elbow and straight seam elbow. Elbow machine in the production process is processed in this way. Through the use of elbow bending commonly used elbow machine, heating coil heating. Pushed by a bending machine, the blank covering the die moves forward and is heated in motion to enlarge the diameter and the Angle required for bending. This is the current elbow machine elbow pipe production simple production process. This production process can help customers bring effective benefits.

    Simple structure of elbow machine: frame fuselage, master cylinder, push forming cylinder, hydraulic station, electrical appliances and other main components of five parts. The operation mode of the machine is operated by manual hydraulic valve, and the working principle is the mold cavity to ensure the smooth forming of the outer diameter of the pipeline. It is equipped with multiple inner diameter steel balls to ensure that the pipeline wrinkles up in the process of pushing forming. The steel balls are pushed synchronously to make the ovality range of the elbow forming ±0.2. After forming, the die cavity is opened and the elbow is removed manually. This process completes the blank making of the elbow, which is then placed on the common beveling machine of the elbow for the chamfered flat mouth at both ends of the elbow.

    Elbow machine manufacturers to provide customers with reliable quality equipment, stable operation, low price to the company to order pipe fittings equipment customers, who order the company's production of elbow machine for customers to bring effective benefits.