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    How to maintain the oil cylinder of the three-way machine

    How to maintain the oil cylinder of the three-way machine


    The three-way oil cylinder can reduce the problems of the oil cylinder through the following process. There are two main reasons: first, the oil cylinder that has just been repaired or the oil cylinder that has been placed for a long time will creep when it starts to use. Sometimes, the foamlike hydraulic oil spill can be seen in the hydraulic tank, because the system is mixed with air, and the air can be cleaned. Second, the mechanical resistance is too large, must be removed and checked cylinder, live cold and piston rod.

    Lack of cylinder thrust, cylinder does not act when under load. The following experiments can be done: Operate the reversing valve when the cylinder is empty. If the cylinder can be elastic from the hill, and sometimes the speed of extension and retraction is faster than normal, it can be determined that the cylinder is faulty. Due to impurities or iron filings entering the cylinder, the oil seal and supporting ring on the piston are severely damaged, so that the rod cavity of the cylinder is connected with the rod-free cavity, forming a differential circuit.

    Oil leakage. In addition to the external oil leakage caused by the damage of the connecting tubing and the tubing O-ring, the internal oil leakage caused by the seal failure of the piston rod on the cylinder head is also a common problem.

    Pull cylinder, hydraulic cylinder pull cylinder is mainly because the wear ring between the piston and the cylinder is worn too much, so that the piston and the cylinder directly touch, the piston hardness is greater than the cylinder hardness, the piston will cut the cylinder and lead to the cylinder pulling. After pulling the cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder is weak to raise and fall. If the pulling cylinder is severe, the cylinder will be abandoned.

    Deformation, hydraulic cylinder deformation is mainly the hydraulic cylinder because of external force hit or heavy load.

    The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is damaged, such as the piston rod is scratched or the surface of the piston rod is communicated with the hollow cavity.

    The above describes that the three-way oil cylinder can reduce the occurrence of faults in use. According to the above process, the cylinder faults of the three-way machine can be reduced. That is, how to maintain the three-way oil cylinder.