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    The tube expanding machine is composed of several parts

    The tube expanding machine is composed of several parts

    The TUBE expanding machine HAS THE following parts: HYDRAULIC TUBE expanding machine MAIN ENGINE, automatic up and down material structure, hydraulic pump station, pipeline device, console, motor control cabinet, IF power supply, compensation capacitor, water cable, IF coil adjusting frame, reactor. The expanding pipe diameter is Φ1520mm and the wall thickness is 120mm.

    The pipe expander can provide a range of pipe materials according to the customer. When customers order tube expanding machines, we can order different types of tube expanding machines and different production sizes and materials according to customers. According to the model provided by the customer, we will produce the tube expanding machine satisfied by the customer within the time signed with the customer. The tube expanding machine has the advantages of simple operation, high production efficiency and low cost.

    The operation process of the pipe expander: send the washed pipe to the rotary roller device on the center line of the diameter expander. A rotary roller device, combined with a camera system, is used to rotate the pipe weld to 12 o 'clock, ensuring that the weld enters the upper sector block groove of the diameter expansion tool during subsequent diameter expansion. The lifting cone roller lifts the pipe to the centerline of the diameter tube expander and is controlled by a displacement sensor in the lifting hydraulic cylinder. The clamp tube car moves forward, controlled by a metal detector, detects the stuck end of the tube, and sends a signal to start the feed roller of the clamp tube car, the position of which is controlled by the encoder. In the process of driving, a metal detector is set at the end of the diameter expansion tube to detect the front end of the tube to measure the position of the tube. In the process of pipe expanding, the pipe length and diameter pipe expanding machine automatically controls the IF power supply to heat the steel pipe to the required temperature and keep it constant, effectively avoiding the scrap of the steel pipe and mold due to the high temperature of the steel pipe, and avoiding the increase of the thrust of the thermal expansion machine due to the low temperature of the tie rod or mold. Combined with the head, the diameter expansion step is automatically calculated. The jaws of the clamp can be rotated to avoid damaging the pipe wall. The deviation of pipe diameter is compensated and the straightening effect of diameter pipe expander is optimized.

    The company mainly according to customer requirements to produce a variety of different types of pipe fitting equipment, such as: pipe expansion machine, press, elbow machine, pipe bender, tee machine, groove machine, straightening machine, straight seam welding pipe production line, mold and so on. Welcome users who need pipe fitting equipment to visit the factory for consultation!