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    Pipe bender helps customers bring economic benefits

    Pipe bender helps customers bring economic benefits




    This company produces the pipe bending machine adopts automatic induction heating system, called automatic pipe bender in the pipe bending machine, only need manual feeding, according to the selected matching parameters, equipment can automatically set and input, the system automatically determine the number of bending section, automatic speed, temperature and radius of bending section, Angle, long straight, parameters such as rotating pole Angle, Until the pop-up window shows "bending is over", the whole process without manual intervention, can produce three-dimensional steel pipe bending, to meet the needs of users.


    The main bending diameter of the bending machine is mainly determined according to customer requirements. Generally, the larger diameter is 630mm, the wall thickness is 20mm, the Angle of the bending pipe can be 90 degrees, and the radius of the large bending pipe is 6D.


    The company has many years of manufacturing experience and design in the production of pipe bending machine equipment, through customers in our company to order pipe bending machine, our company to provide customers with satisfactory equipment. We can design all kinds of standard pipe bender equipment according to customer's order requirements. Our company 24 hours welcome the need of pipe bender equipment users call to understand, if there is time to our company 24 hours to open the door for you, you are welcome to visit the factory order!