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    If elbow machine knowledge principle

    If elbow machine knowledge principle

    If elbow machine is mainly used to produce a complete range of long radius elbow and short radius elbow pipe fittings. Drive spindle of elbow machine is directly inserted into the upper part of the head, accurate installation and easy maintenance. If elbow machine is mainly driven by hydraulic cylinder, power distribution PLC control system, can be pushed from multiple angles, such as: 45 degrees.90 degrees. Elbow fitting 180 degrees 60 degrees. In the production process of the elbow machine, the foot switch of the elbow machine is used to complete the whole process at one time.

    If elbow machine durability: independent opening elbow machine, tee machine and other products (all kinds of non-standard processing equipment can be customized according to customer requirements). With a series of complete pipeline processing equipment products, can meet the needs of different customers, to form a set of scientific and standardized design, production, installation, after-sales service base.

    Intermediate frequency bend head parts and parts of the lathe bed to strengthen the reinforcement design and stress relief annealing treatment as a whole have enough light and stiffness, the main prevent elbow machine deformation for a long time, drive spindle directly inserted into the head, accurate installation, easy maintenance, elbow spindle and feed drive structure for the overall design, the whole processing, automatic feed button control system, The main power adopts cylinder control system, so that the elbow machine in the production process of simple operation, high production efficiency. It can improve the fast machining of elbow pipe fittings and the precision of elbow pipe fittings of various types and materials.

    The company mainly produces a variety of different types and materials of elbow machine, pipe bending machine, tee machine, pipe expanding machine, press, groove machine, straightening machine, straight seam pipe production line. Welcome users who need the above pipe fitting equipment to visit our company and consult!