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    Elbow machine to produce the characteristics of elbow pipe f

    Elbow machine to produce the characteristics of elbow pipe fittings

    Elbow machine mainly includes guide rail, master cylinder and support plate, movable push plate, front support plate, feeding device (IF heating coil, elbow mold, mold pull rod), IF heating device, electrical control system, console, cooling water round-trip system, etc. Elbow machine adopts seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe and other raw materials, using medium frequency heating, adjustable power and frequency, can ensure that the temperature is appropriate, ensure the stable production performance of raw materials, elbow machine energy saving, novel equipment, simple operation, high production efficiency, can greatly save manpower and material resources.

    The role of elbow machine is to play a major role in the production process of pipe fittings. Elbow machine can produce a variety of elbows from different types, materials and angles. Elbow machine production of materials are: stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and so on. The pushing Angle of the elbow machine is produced according to the requirements of customers. After the elbow machine, the hydraulic cylinder and advanced IF power supply are mainly used in our elbow machine. We will wear energy saving noiseless IF power supply according to customer's requirements.

    Elbow fittings manufactured by elbow machine are suitable for elbow installation in pipeline construction. Elbow machine drive system machine tool spindle assembly, insert collet, accurate installation, easy maintenance. After the elbow machine, it can correct the pipe of long radius elbow and short radius elbow.

    According to the basic theory that the wall thickness of the hot push elbow is not reduced, the technical characteristics and problems of the large, medium and small stainless steel plate seamless elbow with IF induction heating are integrated, and the cooling water in the hole of the core die is selected according to the appropriate design scheme of the core die, so as to keep the inner cavity of the core die at a lower temperature area and solve the problem of IF induction heating degree.

    Welding elbow is widely used in contemporary industrial pipelines, such as crude oil, chemical, textile, welders and so on. Its forming mainly includes compression, stamping, elbow and hot forming. Among them, compression, stamping and elbow stamping are common methods in pipe fitting factories, but each has its own characteristics.