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    Operation flow of IF elbow machine

    Operation flow of IF elbow machine

    Customers in our company to order the elbow machine our company first introduce the use and operation process of the elbow machine, through the customer of the company's production of the elbow machine, let our company introduce the need to maintain the knowledge of the elbow machine after the use of technology. Customers understand the elbow machine, in the above simple operation, high production efficiency, low cost advantages.

    Intermediate frequency elbow machine function: the main function is to produce complete types of elbow pipe fittings, can be mass production and processing elbow pipe fittings, elbow function to meet the quality requirements of elbow pipe fittings. For the development efficiency in recent years, the elbow machine has brought effective benefits to the customers who produce elbow pipe fitting products.

    If the elbow machine in production engineering needs to pay attention to is that the main pump working time can be used at the same time, generally can use a, can also be used as a backward, backward pump can not be used at the same time, can only start a, another standby. Feed pump can only be used when feeding. The stable pressure of the hydraulic system of the main oil pump is adjusted to 25Mpa, and the stable pressure of the hydraulic system of the attached cylinder is adjusted to 10Mpa. The two ends of the push machine travel switch, the actual travel is less than the larger travel. There is a 50-80mm margin between the front and rear ends of the movable push plate and the actual endpoint to avoid the cylinder piston running to both ends of the cylinder, hitting the cylinder flange and causing equipment damage. The travel switch should be replaced every two months to ensure normal operation. The cylinder adjustment of elbow thruster is controlled by various manual reversing valves and adjusted according to the actual work.

    The use of IF elbow machine;

    Method of use:

    (1) Refer to the instruction manual of electric oil pump.

    (2) First rotate the working cylinder into the inner thread of the block so that the wheel mounted on the bracket at the rear end of the cylinder is downward.

    (3) according to the od of the mould head of bend, the fortress, set the column will be two roll shaft corresponding slot to die, and then in the corresponding size of the plate hole, then cover plate, insert pipe bending groove, then the high pressure oil pipe end joint back quickly, set on the joint of working cylinder, tighten the oil drain screw on the electric oil pump, can be bent. When the bend is complete, loosen the drain screw and the plunger will reset automatically.