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    The technical characteristics of elbow machine

    The technical characteristics of elbow machine

    Elbow machine is the main equipment for producing elbow pipe fittings. The design of the stiffeners of the head and the body of the elbow can be annealed to eliminate the internal stress. Overall has enough light and stiffness, the production of elbow fittings will not deform. Elbow machine in the production of elbow pipe fitting, first of all, accurate installation and maintenance of the elbow machine, in the production process, smooth operation, overall processing, overall hobbing, according to customer needs to customize the thickness of the elbow wall. The material used is steel plate.

    Elbow pipe fittings produced by elbow machine are widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, electrical and other modern industrial pipelines. The forming method mainly includes extrusion, extrusion, extrusion, extrusion and hot forming. Among them, extrusion, extrusion and extrusion molding at room temperature are commonly used in pipe parts factories, but each has its own characteristics.

    According to the hot pushing elbow wall thickness is not thinned theory, combined with the system of medium frequency induction heating on the technological characteristics and difficulties of small and medium-sized stainless steel seamless elbow with the appropriate design of the hollow core mold, the core mold inner hole is cooled, hold the core mold wall at low temperature zone, solve the drive system of medium frequency induction heating molding core in the process of heat intensity.

    The elbow machine needs to be tested before use as follows: first, the clamping die of the elbow machine is fixed mandrel, and the clamping die of the elbow machine is placed into the clamping die. The screw adjusting the base of the amo is to seal the amo in the wheel mold. When installing the back clamp button, roll back the mo and rotate the clamping die clockwise to adjust the screw balance by 1/2-1/4 turn. The main thing is to fix the nut of the fixture.

    The company mainly according to customer requirements to produce a variety of pipe fitting equipment, such as: elbow machine, pipe bending machine, pipe expanding machine, press machine, beveling machine, straightening machine, straight seam welding pipe production line.