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    The three way machine factory of making tee machine

    The three way machine factory introduces the three way machine as follows:

    The company's production of three - way machine is mainly divided into the following points: three - way machine in the use of simple operation, high production efficiency, defective;Low rate, smooth operation and low cost advantages.

    The service life of the tee can be extended in accordance with the above operation process.

    The three-way machine can be made of: stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and so on.

    Three - way machine in the manufacture of the formation of three - way, the main power is hydraulic cylinder.

    The three-way machine itself belongs to non-standard products, so there is no specific specifications and models, our company can manufacture according to the requirements of customers.

    Three - way machine process: installation preparation → pipeline rolling groove → opening → installation of mechanical three - way → pipeline installation → system pressure test.

    Our company is responsible for the installation and debugging and we will provide customers with a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance after the purchase of our three-way machine.

    Introduction of tee machine in pipe fitting equipment

    Tee also known as hydraulic elbow machine and tee shaping machine and extrusion tee, is the production of tee pipe fitting hydraulic equipment field, can produce small and large size tee pipe fitting shaping machine.Tube billet is usually used as raw material in tube high-pressure forming technology. It is suitable for extruding forming machine of stainless steel, copper and aluminum tube.

    Three - way machine is mainly to produce three - way or four - way mechanical equipment.Three - way machine is mainly used to produce carbon steel, stainless steel pipe tee equipment.The three-way machine adopts the principle of liquid drawing or expansion inside the tube, the three-way machine is mainly electric and semi-automatic operation mode, the three-way machine is stable and reliable in operation, simple in operation and high in production efficiency.The three-way machine belongs to non-standard equipment, so there is no specific specification and model of the three-way machine. We can produce the diameter of the three-way machine from 21-630mm and BIHOU 3-20mm. We can also directly customize the three-way machine according to the requirements of users.

    The company's production of three - way machine is mainly hydraulic pump station, PLC control system and display screen, as well as the host and who box.The three-way machine is mainly equipped with an independent electrical control cabinet. The main operation button of the three-way machine is suspended on the fuselage. The hydraulic power structure of the three-way machine is installed above the fuselage.