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    Beveling machine processing plate matters needing attention

    Points to note for processing plate of beveling machine:
    1) place the machine firmly, and the side of the workpiece is tightly attached to the stop block. The lower surface contacts the support wheel;
    2) after entering, put down the upper pressure wheel, push the workpiece to the edge biting state, the plate will automatically move to complete the groove;
    3) place the workpiece on the auxiliary support and fix it. After the machine is well adjusted according to the thickness of the plate, the depth of the groove and the Angle of the groove, gently push the machine to the edge biting state, the elbow chamfering machine will automatically move forward and finish the groove operation;
    4) the upper press wheel is slightly in contact with the steel plate and cannot be pressed too tightly, otherwise it will affect the automatic movement of the equipment;
    5) after the end of the groove of large plates, we need to clear the travel route of the trolley.