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    Pipe expander for expanding mill

    Expanding machine is the key equipment in the production process of big straight seam submerged arc welding pipe.
    Note: before diameter enlargement, the inner wall of the steel tube is cleaned by the front flushing device. During the flushing process, the steel tube is driven by rotation to rotate around the horizontal axis. The purpose of the front flushing is to wash away the residual flux and other sundries in the inner wall of the steel tube, so as to avoid sundries damaging the diameter enlargement tool during diameter enlargement.
    Expand both ends of the steel tube to make both ends of the tube more round and more standard.
    Among them, PLC technology, hydraulic technology and diameter expanding technology of intermediate frequency tube expanding machine are integrated, and belong to non-standard products, which can be directly customized according to customer needs customer wants the size of the specifications.