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    Equal diameter welding tee automatic hydraulic press

    A new process method of tee flanging forming was developed, and a large equal diameter tee machine was trial-produced. The final test results show that the method of tee flanging forming can improve the forming quality of three-way branch pipe and reduce the manufacturing cost of tee. The flanging forming process can be widely used in the manufacture of large tee pipes for boilers and oil and gas pipelines.

    To shorten new product development cycle, the adapter first TaiFen by free forging blank instead of die forging, the detailed analysis of the special shape of tee joint manufacturability, put forward the use of nc milling machining and the method of numerical control wire cutting parts inside and outside the special solution of the model, through UGCAM programming and VERICUT simulation, and field test, the processing of basic feasible solution, and the curing process parameters. In order to lay a foundation for the processing of complex parts in the development of similar structures in the future, bars or free forgings will be used instead of die forging or investment casting.