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    Features of stainless steel elbow

    What are the characteristics of stainless steel elbow machine process?
    Have very lively chemical properties at high temperature, small thermal conductivity, heat capacity is big, in the stainless steel elbow welding, pipe weld easy to oxidation and air pollution problems, seriously affect the welding quality, therefore, the stainless steel elbow welding pipe must be used when the internal charge gas to solve the oxidation problem of the internal weld.
    At present, the common processing methods in domestic steel elbow forming manufacturing are: casting, stamping, welding, cold and hot pushing. Stamping and moulding method -- the method of bending the heated tube blank with the die on the elbow machine. This method was first used in the process of bending the pipe elbow, and has been widely used in the elbow production. However, the elbow wall thickness produced by this method is uneven, and the appearance quality is poor.