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    Introduction of pipe fitting machinery of tee machine

    The function introduction of tee machine:
    Tee pipe fitting is a common pipe coupling with large application amount and wide range in modern industry. Local eddy current will appear in the process of conveying high-pressure liquid or gas, which has a great impact on the performance of pipe fitting machine. In the past, there were many serious defects in the production of tee pipe fittings by the traditional manufacturing method, so now the tee pipe is formed by high quality seamless steel tube.
    By predicting and optimizing the matching relationship of high-pressure process parameters in different sizes of tee pipes, better quality tee pipes can be formed. Existing enterprises to produce large diameter tee pipe through multi - pass flanging process, known as multi - level flanging hole expanding process. The production efficiency of cold extrusion tee machine is high, the appearance of the tee produced is beautiful, and the quality standard is up to the standard.