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    Finishing process of semi-finished elbow

    Push elbow machine for elbow dressing:
    First, the finishing process, after shot peening treatment, the internal and external surface of the elbow iron oxide removal, the two ends of the groove treatment for welding.
    To second, select the specifications, the pipe material is put forward, such as the 90 ° elbow through its curvature can calculate how much material can work out the 90 ° elbow, then cut off for the length scale.
    Third, push, elbow to make a plastic on the thermal state, because of some elbow after improper handling, will be distorted, this is not allowed, in addition, after have a haircut is usually large front end diameter, through plastic mould for plastic, plastic mold is actually a press, want to have a set of mould, two and a half arc, the upper one, after the plastic outer diameter of the size of the finished product.