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    Pipe fitting equipment is the necessary machinery for the pr

    Pipe fitting equipment is the necessary machinery for the production of pipe fitting customers

    The company according to customer requirements to manufacture different types and materials of pipe fittings equipment, pipe fittings equipment has the advantages of simple operation, high production efficiency, low cost.Pipe fitting equipment can produce pipe fittings mainly include: elbow, tee, pipe cap, size head, elbow, etc.

    Pipe fittings equipment is the necessary machinery and equipment for the production of pipe fittings, and it is also the choice of the production of pipe fittings customers.In the choice of advanced pipe fittings equipment customers use the manufacture of pipe fittings customer customized different models and materials of pipe fittings.Our company produces pipe fittings equipment and exports to all over the world. Every time customers order our company's pipe fittings equipment, they will help our company introduce a lot of users to our company to order different types of pipe fittings equipment.Pipe fittings are mainly divided into: elbow machine, three-way machine, pipe expanding machine, press machine, beveling machine, pipe bending machine, expanding machine, plate rolling machine and so on.

    Pipe fitting equipment with reasonable price and satisfactory quality of equipment to provide to each customer, in good faith and integrity to order pipe fitting equipment customer recognition and satisfaction.Our company will complete the custom-made pipe fitting equipment within the contract period for all the above pipe fitting equipment purchased.Our customers can still get one year's after-sales service if they finish the pipe fitting equipment within the deadline.

    The beveling machine is mainly used for the caliber processing of pipe fittings and pipes

    This machine is specially designed for sheet beveling and chamfering. It is a manual push type beveling tool.It is suitable for chamfering and beveling the metal sheet before welding.Its light weight (compared with similar products), small vibration, easy operation, stable and reliable use

    Apply to carbon steel.Stainless steel, alloy steel and other high strength steel for chamfering, beveling processing.Its light weight, small vibration, easy operation, stable and reliable use.

    The control system of the beveling machine is PLC color touch screen. The operation of the elbow chamfering machine is simple.

    The beveling machine is equipped with a fault alarm system and displays the source of the fault, so as to eliminate the fault in time and save the time to find the fault.

    The advantage of the beveling machine is that it can adjust the corresponding speed according to different outer diameter and thickness of pipe fittings and steel pipes to achieve very good results.

    The groove machine adopts precision guide rail, with high machining precision, the length tolerance is within plus or minus 0.05mm, the verticality, the parallelism is within plus or minus 0.05mm.

    The purchase of beveling machine needs to be customized in advance, and the production cycle of equipment needs to be 15 days. All pipe fitting enterprises need to purchase three-way beveling machine and need to book and prepare in advance.We have sales staff to accompany customers to visit the production and processing factory, to give customers a detailed introduction of the three way beveling machine operation function, equipment design and characteristics, how to let customers know the three way beveling machine operation process.

    The company can directly provide customers with technology, after-sales service, production supervision, machine manufacturing and processing with full authority of the third party manufacturing factory for manufacturing, the company is fully responsible for the contract signed by the company, to ensure that the quality within the delivery period to provide customers with qualified production equipment products.The size of the three-way beveling machine can be designed and decided according to the size of the customer. After ordering, our company provides technical parameters, including equipment size, motor power and other important parameters.

    Only our enterprise internal management to achieve the standard specification, our products can be made high-quality.Our company can provide the best service for our customers.

    The company can be customized according to customer requirements of various models of good beveling machine, according to customer requirements for the beveling machine to wear customers like the color, as well as the elbow chamfering machine head and so on.