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    Structure and working principle of medium frequency pipe ben

    Structure and working principle of medium frequency pipe bender

    My company sells middle frequency pipe bending machine, it is a seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe or spiral pipe as raw material, using medium frequency heating, the power and frequency can be adjusted, in order to ensure proper diathermy, ensure that the product material stable performance, the medium frequency power supply power factor above 0.95, save energy and equipment is novel, compact structure, automatic operation, high production efficiency.Adopt hydraulic cylinder to push the raw material, powerful thrust, stepless speed change, automatic control, can greatly save manpower and material resources, and has the advantages of low construction investment, high rate of finished materials, specifications and strong applicability of raw materials.

    The mechanical part of the pipe bender manufacturer is equipped with 4 major structures, which are power source structure, clamping and fixed structure, bending radius adjusting machinery, and propulsion structure.

    1. The same drive of the medium frequency pipe bender is prefabricated with a variety of different bending angles.Hydraulic pipe bender can be customized according to customer requirements.

    2, Chinese subtitle display, man-machine dialogue operation, you can choose manual, semi-automatic operation mode, mobile foot switch with both start, stop two functions.

    3, the use of high-performance imported hydraulic valve components.

    4, Equipped with cooling system, effectively control the working temperature.

    5, The machine has the characteristics of easy operation, stable performance, high efficiency, high stability coefficient, is the ideal equipment for pipe processing industry.

    The intermediate frequency pipe bender mainly includes: frame, main cylinder support plate (including main cylinder), movable push plate, elbow clamp wheel platform, elbow rocker arm, rocker arm track, rocker arm rotating shaft, elbow combination chuck, intermediate frequency transformer bracket, intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency transformer, electrical control system and so on.

    Medium frequency pipe bender is suitable for large caliber pipe engineering and the growing market demand for all kinds of pipe bender.

    Ao Cheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces medium frequency pipe bender, medium frequency pipe bender is mainly made of pipe bending equipment.

    Pipe bender manufacturers ensure customer satisfaction


    How the company can make customers satisfied is divided into:The management of raw materials -- - equipment design and development -- -- -- -- -- - the manufacture of -- -- -- -- -- sales -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the above service for each customer service in our company are needed for manufacturing pipe bender manufacturing supervision and control system in the process of manufacturing the pipe bender can be approved by the engineer of the detection and modulation GuanKe satisfaction.

    A: through the manufacturing of technical personnel and under the guidance of engineers to produce the quality of the pipe bender can let each customer order the company's pipe bender.

    Two: the manufactured pipe bender after the completion of the inspection of various departments and engineers, by the company's sales staff notice to order the company's customers to the factory for testing, through the customer's test manufacturing customer satisfaction.

    Three: people who work in the company's sales personnel, our company are different by training and testing, have good talent, talent for the company sales of pipe equipment, pipe fittings of the company equipment is mainly divided into: pipe bending machine, bend machine, tee machine, expanding machine, pressing machine, enlarge head machine, groove machine, plate bending rolls, as well as more than fitting equipment molds, etc.